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How to JOIN our LGs and Group

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How to JOIN our LGs and Group Empty How to JOIN our LGs and Group

Post by GREENERRRR on Fri 26 Feb 2010, 7:06 pm

1. Below the Big picture CLICK REGISTER (and then proceed to step 3)... OR... Click on the LOG in Button (botom right of ther screen) - it will fail to LOG you in and bring you to a new screen

2. AT this new screen there is a REGISTRATION button - click it

3. Provide your User Name (this needs to be the same PS3 user id you plan on playing MLB 11 with - (this allows opponents to contact you easier, propose trades or do scouting reports etc), email adress and a password

4. You will need to confirm the password

5. You will be given the terms of conditions - click "i agree to the terms in conditions"

6. An automated ACTIVATION email will be sent to the email address you provided IMMEDIATELY - go to your email - if this email is NOT in your INBOX, check SPAM, JUNK or BULK email boxes (your email provider may have sent it there inadvertainly)...

7. Once you have found the ACTIVATION email - follow the instruction provided in it - click the link that will activate your account with us - U WILL NOW BE ABLE TO POST MESSAGES

8. Go to the section marked "CLICK HERE! to find Leagus that are CURRENTLY ACCEPTING MEMBERS"... within that area you will find LGs that have vacancies - once you found a LG u want to join - click on it

9. Go into the General Discussion Section and post a reply to the message string titled `reserve your team HERE`or `Claim your team HERE` (or something to that effect) - when making your reply indicate what team you want - BE SURE TO LOOK AT PREVIOUS POSTS - TO BE POSITIVE THIS TEAM IS NOT ALREADY TAKEN... (If you are joining in Mjkights LG - you claim your tem in the Owners section - not general discussion)

10. IF REQUIRED BY THE COMMISH - GO TO the Owners section - Under OWNERS INFORMATION - provide all the details listed in the template... We ask that you provide a cell number - so that players can text 1 and other to schedule games - IF U R NOT COMFORTABLE POSTING YOUR CELL NUMBER THATS COOL! - indicate this to your commish - give him your cell number - HE WILL GUARANTEE TO KEEP IT CONFIDENTIAL - he will act as an intermedairy - if soime1 wants to send you a text message - he will ask the commish to do this on their behalf - once the LG is started you can give your cell number to your opponents directly - avoiding it form being posted...

11. If you want to get on a priority list - follow steps 11 - but do so in a LG that is full...

12. shortly after you have signed up for a LG - u will receive a questionaire - pls respond to it ASAP - it will help us make this GROUP as successful as it can be

13. Send your commish a PSN friend request - and a internal BUDDY REQUEST within the MLB the SHOW system...

14. Check the General Discussion section often - this will be the HUB of LG communication for the season... Often LGs use the General Discussion board to poll there members regarding LG settings

15. You can sign up for as many LGs as u wish as long as u can ACTIVELY MEET the particpation requirements

If you have a problem with the registration process - contact me directly - with a PM - (go to the members list - find GREENERRRR - scroll to the far right and click the PM button) - explain your problem - and be sure to provdie a way i can get back to you - Email is best, PSN id or a phone number will work too


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