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tips to better your game.

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tips to better your game.  Empty tips to better your game.

Post by T-MAN-13-RHP on Mon 21 Feb 2011, 1:39 pm

Hello again,

Yesterday I had a nice conversation with Dlew16 and we spoke about our games and how we play them. He told me how he likes to play his game, what he considers his strengths. The thing he doesn't or didn't know is how to beat his opponent who plays a certain style. My thoughts are this..
-Use statistics to see how the player does things. does he hit lots of homeruns? strikes out a lot? or on the flip side. does he walk a lot of batters? does his starters pitch deep into games because his bullpen is weak?
-To go along with the thought about Bullpen being 'weak' think of it as this. Get to the starter quick, PLAY YOUR STYLE BASEBALL. You need to not 'wear him out, you need to knock him out'. So if you know his BP is weak then force his hand and make him go there FAST. I personally run a 6 man rotation.. why? so that on a off-day after a pitch works ill throw him into the pen and IF i dont trust who ever left i'll go to him.
-THE BEST WAY TO BEAT A PERSON AT THEIR OWN GAME IS TO PLAY THEIR GAME! If a guy is a control pitcher, low walks/strikeouts. Then pick a pitch and look for it. If he has a big loopy curve, REALIZE THAT know that if it starts at a certain height itll drop down into a certain zone. If the guy like to play SMALL BALL, play small ball. In the end it'll make you stronger.. why? IF YOU PLAY THE OPPONENTS GAME YOU WILL THINK THE SAME AS HE WILL! simple and long cut, and no not the long cut dip Razz

That is my little rant LOL, ill be back next monday. BTW THE SHOW DEMO IS RELEASED ON TUESDAY THE 22ND!!!! so use these little tips in your game! I am still wanting you guys to ask questions, LOTS of questions. Thanks to Dlew16 for bringing this topic up, Its a great topic.

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