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Post by GREENERRRR on Sat 20 Feb 2010, 7:39 pm

This group was built out of the complete frusturation of the BS tactics used by the GM room clowns... I was tired of playing Laggers (plyrs who intentional Lag the GM to gain an advantage), 1st inning Quiters, Lead Glitchers, Freeze game / Bullpen glitchers and my personally most hated - the guy who bean balls you contuinually (often for hours) - hoping u will quit and give him the win... Playing these turkys was disheartening - but i knew there was other LEGIT players around - I just needed to find them...

This quest to find other LEGIT/ACTIVE players has developed into this website - it is a place where these credible players can Network, arrange exhibition games or Form/Join Online Leagues... We have a screening process to evaluate new members (some parts noticed - others are not) - but every1 once in a while we do get a Scrub in our Group however; these kind of players dont take long to show their TRUE NATURE - they are quickly descovered and removed from the group...

Playing random players in gm rooms increases the likelihood of facing a Scrubb - Our membership's time is VALUABLE TO US - we are not gonna waste it possibly playing gm room chumps - So we take the random chance out of possibly facing a Scrubb... This is done by playing players within the membership exclusively.... The most popular way for our group to have regular scheduled games (and it provides friendly competition amongst us) is by playing in Online LGS... We offer both Fantasy Draft and Standard LGs - The commishes of each Online LG are LEADERS OF THE HIGHEST PERCENTILE and they are each dedicated to the success of their Online League...

The website is designed to work hand-in-hand with the MLB the SHOW features... This incudes a trade block - where you can unload an unwanted player or find that last piece of the puzzle for your playoff run... It has a Scouting Report - u can provide the details on how to beat your divisional rival or find out that winning strategy from another member (who wants you to play well against a specific opponent!!!! - often a divisional rival of his!)... We have player of the week Awards... and a Section where Hi-Lites can be posted - to show the KIller play you made or to demonstrate a BS tactic used by an opponent - which could lead to sanction/dismissal...

If you are a LEGIT/ACTIVE player - dont waste away in the game rooms! Join our group - OUR MEMBERSHIP WILL PLAY HARD BUT WITH INTEGRITY AND RESPECT! What more could you want in a game?


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